October 22, 2007

Winners And Losers At Values Voter Summit

Reports are now coming in from the Values Voter Summit this weekend, and it appears that we have some winners (Romney and Huckabee) and losers (Giuliani and Thompson) in the contest to pander to the fundy crowd.

It sounds like Mitt Romney excelled at telling Christian extremist voters exactly what they wanted to hear, well except for the whole Mormon thing which he still considers to be a non-issue. Romney won the straw poll, with Huckabee, often considered to be a favorite among Christian fundamentalists, placing second. This is an impressive win for Romney, as Huckabee is sounding more and more like the sort of theocrat these folks are seeking:
He called for a constitutional amendment declaring marriage to be between a man and a woman and decried the "holocaust of liberalized abortion."

"We do not have the right to move the standards of God to meet cultural norms. We need to move the cultural norms to meet God's standards," he said, bringing the crowd to its feet.
Fred Thompson, on the other hand, was described as being a serious disappointment. It wasn't they he didn't try to present himself as a sufficiently rabid Christian as much as it was that he simply didn't stump well.
In his speech, Mr. Thompson, who has admitted that he does not regularly attend church, promised to “go in the Oval Office and close the door and pray for the wisdom to know what was right,” earning him a standing ovation. But he spoke with his chin often buried in his chest, his voice largely monotone, and he cleared his throat or coughed repeatedly, prompting some to wonder if he might be ill.
Meanwhile, Guliani plead with the audience not to abandon him as they have threatened to do.
Giuliani sought common ground with Christian conservatives by casting himself as an imperfect man who has asked for guidance through prayer. He recalled crossing himself during his first day of law school after 16 years of attending Catholic schools.
Some in attendance felt like his appearance helped him simply because he showed up, but his reception did not sound particularly warm.

H/T to The Carpetbagger Report

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