October 6, 2007

Ode To Tony Strikes Nerve: New Daily Traffic Record

In the two years I've been doing Atheist Revolution, I've had a few days where I've had daily hits above the 2,000 mark. Since my average daily hits tends to be about half this number, reaching 2,000 is certainly cause for celebration. Most of the time, it has been rather easy to trace these traffic peaks to a mention on Pharyngula. But now I have a new milestone to announce. On Oct. 4, I hit 4,482 page loads and 3,797 unique visitors. Hot damn! Little did I realize that even this new record would fall within 24 hours. On Friday, I hit 5,233 page loads and 4,237 unique visitors. A new record for Atheist Revolution.

The traffic spike came in response to my recent post, An Ode to Tony. In fact, this post is easily the most popular one I've ever done.
It looks like I hit a nerve with this one.

Not surprisingly, a mention from PZ Myers at Pharyngula was a critical force driving the Thursday traffic surge. And yet, Thursday's numbers set a new record for traffic to this blog, exceeding even those posts with previous mentions on Pharyngula. It turns out that Thursday's traffic was also stimulated by links from blogs such as Daily BBG and Tales of An Ordinary Girl. In addition, it was posted to Reddit and Digg by readers.

But what happened on Friday? How could a new traffic record be set that would eclipse Thursday's record? Crooks and Liars linked to the post in Mike's Blog Round Up. Since Crooks and Liars has long been one of my favorite political blogs, this was a real honor. This link brought in so much traffic in such a short amount of time that I actually sat at my computer watching it pour in. In the span of 45 minutes, I had around 700 unique visits, and this continued throughout the day. In fact, it continues even now!

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