October 18, 2007

Kentucky Erects Road Signs For Creation Museum

Remember the infamous Answers in Genesis Creation Museum in Kentucky? Of course you do. The opening of this grand monument to idiocy dominated the secular blogosphere for weeks. But if you thought the story was over, you were sadly mistaken. It now appears that the states of Kentucky and Indiana erected signs advertising the museum along local highways and interstates.

Answers in Genesis evidently paid for the four signs ($5,000 each), but state workers put the signs up. Because the museum is considered some sort of tourist attraction, Answers merely had to convince state officials that the signs were necessary.

How they managed to do this should be investigated further. According to The Cincinnati Post, it would have been necessary for Answers in Genesis to convince the relevant state committees that the museum has "cultural, historical, recreational, agricultural, educational or entertainment" value. How the museum was ultimately classified remains unknown, although it sounds like commercial groups are not supposed to qualify for the signs.

Fortunately, it appears that Rev. Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separation of Church and State has been informed of this story and is looking into whether it represents a Constitutional violation.
"It just seems foolish for a state to promote a kind of monument to ignorance anyway, and this certainly does that," he said.
I couldn't agree more.

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