October 18, 2007

Horror Along the Lines of Jesus Camp

Few films I have seen can compare with Jesus Camp for pure horror. And yet, this story from ABC News about "pint-size preachers" comes pretty damn close. In what universe is this not child abuse?

For those tempted to say, "But it makes my child happy to praise Jee-zuhs," I'll point out that there are probably tons of things that would make your child happy that you will not allow him or her to do. I'll also point out that children of this age do not simply discover the joys of preaching about Jee-zuhs on their own; your influence is required. Furthermore, I'll suggest that what your child really enjoys is your approval. Sadly, in these cases you've made it contingent on his or her willingness to broadcast gibberish.

That a parent would do this to their child makes me sick. To deprive a child of reason and fill his or her head with nonsense isn't cute; it is abusive.

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