October 6, 2007

Should High School Coach Lead Prayer?

Should a high school football coach be permitted to lead his team in post-game prayers? Vote here to express your opinion.

Atheist America Incorporated is asking Jacksonville, FL, high school football coach, Darrell Southerland, to stop leading prayers for his team. Southerland claims that his prayer-fest is helping with "character building."
But should prayer be part of that program? Atheists America Incorporated spokesman Greg McDowell says no way. “This is definitely a government institution run with state funds. And they are having an organized prayer on state property.”
The principal doesn't feel the need to do anything because he doesn't think that the students are being forced to pray. It seems to me that there would be many theists in some communities that would object to this. How many believers would want someone with different religious beliefs from their own leading their children in prayer? But until they object, it is good that the local atheist group is on hand to do so.

Be sure to vote for what you think.

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