October 14, 2007

Call For Posts On Atheism

I'm working on improving a couple of informational sites about atheism I developed (see Learn About Atheism and Atheism: Welcome to the Reality-Based Community) to promote understanding of atheism, and I'd like to link to some quality posts on other atheist blogs. If you are an atheist blogger and have written or are interested in writing on a handful of atheist-related topics, please consider leaving links to such posts in the comments. What I'm looking for right now are posts on any of the following topics:
  • Definition of atheism (what it is and/or what it isn't)
  • What it is like to live as an atheist in predominately Christian America
  • The case for atheist activism
  • Promoting atheism
I can't guarantee that I'll use every post submitted. I have to be selective so we don't end up with too much redundant material. But even if I don't use the post on one of these pages, you can be sure that I'll read it and consider linking to it at some point.

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