October 27, 2007

Bye Bye BlogRush

I was surprised when I received an e-mail from BlogRush, a new service I had previously suggested and had been using, informing me that Atheist Revolution was being dropped from their system because I "did not meet our strict quality guidelines." Now it appears that I was in good company among other atheist blogs dropped from BlogRush because they have decided to equate freethought with hate speech.

I'm not ready to conclude that there is some sort of systematic anti-atheist bias at BlogRush. Such a conclusion seems premature without additional evidence. I'll be interested to compare my experience with that of other atheist bloggers.

I was ready to give up on BlogRush, at least for awhile. I'd tired of their never-ending beta period and the sheer number of Christian posts I had been promoting for them here. Maybe this is for the best.

If they get their act together, I'm willing to give them another chance. Until then, I don't expect any loss in traffic for not using them. After all, they provided next to no traffic benefit that I could detect.

H/T to Deep Thoughts

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