October 12, 2007

Action Alert: Stop Federal Funding Of Creationism In Louisiana

From the Secular Coalition for America:
Help us stop federal funding earmarked for the Louisiana Family Forum (LFF), a group whose mission is to "persuasively present biblical principles in centers of influence" including public schools. The Senate Appropriations Committee is now considering a bill that would send your tax dollars to the LFF.

Visit our Action Alert now to see if your Senator is on the Appropriations Committee. We are targeting those members today. But even s/he isn't, you'll want to be informed about this issue in case the earmark is allowed to reach the Senate floor. Once you take action, you'll have a chance to tell your friends about this important Action Alert.

The proposed earmark gives federal money to the LFF to be used for suggesting "improvements" (i.e, biblical perspectives) to science education in Louisiana. It would also pay for the LFF to develop and distribute educational materials. Even if you are not a Louisiana resident, it is important to send Congress the message that funding creationism with your tax dollars is never acceptable.

Biblical doctrine must not interfere with the accurate teaching of science.

Visit our Action Alert now
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