October 23, 2007

AAI Proposes New Atheist Symbol

Atheist Alliance International (AAI), a large umbrella organization composed of various freethought groups around the world, has proposed a new atheist symbol. Six options were selected by committee, and attendees of the 2007 conference voted for their favorite. This is the winning symbol, and AAI intends it to serve as an international symbol of freethought. For more on the symbol and a variety of image files using it, see here.

What do you think? It reminds me a great deal of the anarchy symbol, but I suppose that is probably going to be inevitable for any symbol involving a capital letter A and a circle. The anarchy symbol has been around much longer and is something many people will recognize. I think I might have preferred an atheist symbol that wasn't as likely to be confused with it, but I don't think it is a bad idea to have a symbol of some sort.