September 14, 2007

Was Jesus Gay? has an interesting discussion on the question of whether Jesus, if he existed at all, might have been gay. Believe it or not, this question is nothing new and one which has been debated by theologians over considerable time. presents both sides, balancing evidence that he may have been gay with evidence that he was not. I don't expect it to change any minds, especially because no clear answer emerges from the evidence. Still, it is an interesting and thought-provoking possibility. It is just too bad that Christians find it so offensive and that non-Christians continue to cater to this oversensitivity.

Of course, we'll never know Jesus' sexual orientation. Much like we cannot be certain that he actually lived or that his life resembled in any way what the Christian bible says, there will never be a definitive verdict on his possible homosexuality. Too bad. Just think of the implications for Republican Congressmen!

The point I want to highlight here actually has little to do with whether Jesus was gay. I'm far more interested in why anyone asking such a question will be condemned by most Christians. Just look at the disclaimer felt was a necessary preface to the discussion:
We recognize that the title to this essay will be seen by many readers as rather inflammatory. Australian educator, Michael Kelly wrote: "The question is, apparently, provocative....even asking the question is sacrilege, blasphemy, a vilification of Christianity, and a mockery of people's deepest beliefs." 1 Judging by the anger among many Christians toward the Da Vinci Code book and movie, some find it difficult to wrap their minds around the concept of Jesus having been sexually active. The thoughts that he might have been gay are even more difficult to handle.
Isn't that something? It is almost as if they feel the need to issue a preemptive apology to all the Christians who will be offended by their asking the question. I fail to see why any sort of apology is necessary. If certain Christians cannot handle open-minded discussion, then they need help in resolving their own neuroses. The last thing they need is for their oversensitivity to be enabled by such apologies.

H/T to Daily Atheist

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