September 7, 2007

Homeland Security Spends Your Tax Dollars on Clergy Response Team

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, residents of New Orleans were in desperate need of many things: shelter, food, water, medical care, basic security, etc. What lesson did the American government learn from this tragedy? All criticism of their response aside, it turns out that they learned a fairly important lesson and are now ready to implement it during the next natural disaster or terrorist attack.

Just what is this important lesson our government is ready to implement? The Department of Homeland Security has enlisted the aid of Christian clergy to pacify the public in the event of future scenarios calling for martial law. Yes, you read that correctly.

According to KSLA News 12 out of Shreveport, LA, situations that might require martial law (e.g., natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.) create serious problems for the government: irate citizens. To make victims feel better and prevent them from expressing dissent which the rest of us might find troubling, a "Clergy Response Team" was created after Hurricane Katrina.

Naturally, I'm picturing a group of Southern Baptist pastors driving around in the van from The A-Team.

Remember seeing all those pesky New Orleans citizens on the news after the storm? Remember how they had the nerve to complain that aid wasn't coming fast enough or that they were being neglected by their own government?

Dr. Durell Tuberville, chaplain for the Shreveport Fire Department and the Caddo Sheriff's Office, described the clergy team's mission by saying, "the primary thing that we say to anybody is, 'let's cooperate and get this thing over with and then we'll settle the differences once the crisis is over.'" This is exactly what those suffering in New Orleans needed. If they would have just sat down and waited patiently instead of complaining...oh hell, they'd probably still be waiting!

But wait! These clergy would have a powerful tool for helping the situation.
For the clergy team, one of the biggest tools that they will have in helping calm the public down or to obey the law is the bible itself, specifically Romans 13. Dr. Tuberville elaborated, "because the government's established by the Lord, you know. And, that's what we believe in the Christian faith. That's what's stated in the scripture."
I can't decide what pisses me off more - that anyone thinks this is a good idea or that my tax dollars are being spent to pay for it when there are still over 18,000 people living in FEMA trailers.

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