September 20, 2007

Christian Extremists To Invade Public Schools

Our nation's children are in danger. A combination of Christian extremism and government officials afraid to enforce the rule of law threatens their education. This in turn jeopardizes America's future ability to compete in a global economy. I realize that this is probably not anything new for my regular readers, but even you may be surprised by the latest assault on our public schools.

Proclaiming "a revival of faith and grace" at America's public schools, Christian extremist groups are organizing three nationwide efforts to force their ridiculous religion into our schools. In a press release issued by the Scriptures in Schools Project and publicized by Christian Newswire, we can learn about the following events planned for September 23-29:
The organizers expect that, "Millions of Christian students, along with teachers/staff, parents, and clergy, will participate at Public Schools across America."

Bob Pawson of the Scriptures in Schools Project and a public school teacher in New Jersey calls on our children to "Bring your Bibles to school: Tote 'em and quote 'em and use 'em in class."

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