August 13, 2007

The Great American God-Out

Smoking may be unhealthy, but it pales in comparison to the ill effects of theistic belief. Drawing on the Great American Smokeout for inspiration, Dr. Lydia Hartunian and her students are organizing a new holiday - The Great American God-Out - on November 15, 2007. Now she is calling on the secular community to make this "a huge success and an event the public and the media can not ignore."

Hartunian says the God-Out will have two goals:
It is a day to teach others how to live as if there is no god--even if just for one day. It is also a day to lobby for genuine separation of church and states and separation of church and science.
She encourages all freethinkers to spread the word and consider organizing local events. The website also has some good ideas for how to observe the day:
  1. Plan ahead to to make time for friendly conversation with others about God and religion.
  2. Be cashless for just one day and do not exchange actual US currency stamped with "In God We Trust." Ask yourself whether "God" should be included in economic gains and losses and stamped on economic tokens. Discuss your views with friends, family, church members or experts in the field.
  3. Study the websites here and take note of how you respond both emotionally and intellectually to 'godless' thinkers.
  4. Visit and read about a scientific topic you might think is related to religion and keep track of what you learn.
  5. Visit the Scientific American website and read the latest news.
  6. Learn how to identify and correct at least one logical fallacy for the day.

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