June 22, 2007

Will America Ever See an Ex-Muslim Group?

Daily Atheist posted an interesting story from Reuters about how some folks are launching a London-based ex-Muslim group. Similar groups already exist in Germany and Scandinavia, and it sounds like one will soon start in Holland. Obviously, these countries have more prominent Muslim populations than the United States, but the post started me thinking about whether we'd ever see anything like that here.

It seems that Americans are split between being terrified of Muslims and being insufficiently critical of Islam. Some would say that such a group would never make it here because Americans would fear the wrath of Muslims too much to permit it. Others would say that such a group would not be welcome because Islam, as all religions, deserves our respect under the banner of multiculturalism.

Personally, I'd like to see ex-Muslim, ex-Christian, and ex-Jewish groups pop up all over. To worry about offending the international Muslim community through such groups is absurd, especially while we occupy Iraq as part of Bush's crusade. Similarly, extending respect to religions simply because they are religions is impossible to justify. Respect must be earned and deserved. In the case of religion, it is neither.

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