June 27, 2007

Weekend Blogging: Effective Tactic or Wasted Effort?

I've been reading a number of blog posts and websites offering tips for boosting blog traffic lately. These blog promotion gurus tend to offer similar advice, suggesting that the many overlapping techniques probably have a reasonable chance of success. Still, there is one common suggestion that I just can't figure out - increasing one's post frequency on the weekends.

The rationale for this suggestion is quite clear. There tend to be fewer blog posts made on the weekends. Those of us looking to increase our traffic should take advantage of this by increasing our posting frequency on the weekends. Since there are fewer posts made overall on weekends, our weekend posts have a better chance of being noticed and thus bringing us traffic.

My problem with this suggestion is that I am still not convinced that it works. I typically post 2-3 more often on weekends than I do during weekdays simply because I have more free time, but my traffic statistics reveal a consistent drop on the weekends. Here is an example from 6/11 to 6/18, a fairly typical week:

Regardless of whether we look at returning visitors (orange), unique visitors (blue), or page loads (green), we see that Saturday and Sunday are the low points. Do those of you with your own blogs see similar trends in your data?

Assuming that this sort of pattern is confirmed by other bloggers, I can't help but wonder whether this means that people are simply less likely to peruse blogs on the weekends. If this is the case, what does it mean for those of us wishing to increase our traffic? I wonder if one implication might be that we should avoid posting our better work on the weekends when it is less likely to be read.

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