June 26, 2007

Romney Troubled By Criticism of His Faith

According to the Associated Press via The Salt Lake Tribune, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is troubled by campaign attacks on his Mormon faith. He says that such criticism by his rival candidates is happening too frequently. Don't you feel sorry for the guy? I mean, just because he believes all sorts of absurd things doesn't mean we should criticize them, does it?

Whether we like it or not, the American people have decided that religion is relevant in the 2008 elections. The consequence of this is that each candidate will face at least some questions about the nature of his or her superstitions. The problem is, they won't face the right sort of questions.

I'd like to ask Mitt Romney how he can possibly believe a number of things (e.g., the three migrations) shown to be false by converging lines of scientific evidence. I'd like to know why he thinks that someone who holds demonstrably false beliefs should be allowed to hold any public office, much less the highest office in the land. How could such an individual be trusted to function effectively in the real world?

I agree that the criticism of his Mormon faith is troubling. It is troubling because it is wholly insufficient in scope and intensity. Of course, the same must be said for the more mainstream Christian beliefs held by his fellow candidates. It is a sad day when psychosis is insufficient to disqualify one from the presidency.

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