June 8, 2007

Religious Book Sales Decline While Atheist Book Sales Skyrocket

According to the National Secular Society, an organization I had not previously encountered, the Association of American Publishers says that a sharp decline in the sales of religious books has been accompanied by an increase in sales of atheist-oriented books. Good news to be certain, and I think we will see the trend continue through 2007.

Author Christopher Hitchens suggests that Americans are increasingly frustrated with "endless lectures by bogus clerics and endless bullying."
Some Christians, however, say they see the rise in atheist literature as only a reaction to the rise of religious influence. Christianity is gaining more strength, with several victories gained throughout the year. “It sort of dawned on the secular establishment that they might lose here,” explained the Rev. Douglas Wilson, author of Letter from a Christian Citizen, in a debate on ChristianityToday.com. “All of this is happening precisely because there's a significant force that they have to deal with.”
I agree. We have grown tired of efforts by Christian extremists to turn America into a Christian nation, and we are worried by the success they have had via the Bush administration. If the best-seller lists are any indication, we are not alone.

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