June 10, 2007

My Sunday Morning Ritual

I have found myself in a bit of a rut on Sunday mornings lately. However, this is the rare sort of rut that I really enjoy. It sure beats going to church and wasting my time wallowing in some ancient superstition!

After getting up early and doing my grocery shopping for the week (okay, I don't like that part much), I make a pot of coffee, fire up my RSS aggregator (I use FeedDemon), and sit down at my computer to catch up with the atheist blogosphere. As you know from the tremendous growth in atheist-oriented blogging, this is no easy task.

This Sunday, there is a special treat. There are two blog carnivals going on, representing the best of atheistic blogging from around the web:
Now that is what I call a great start to the day! Time for some reading.

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