June 12, 2007

McCain Reluctant to Engage in More "Brownbacking"

Kudos to 2008 presidential hopeful John McCain for his reluctance to do more "Brownbacking" in order to appease Right-Wing Christian voters. I'm not saying he hasn't already done plenty or that he won't do more, but it appears that he is being criticized for not doing even more.
McCain "seems to have a difficulty in discussing it [his faith] in terms that people relate to," said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a leading conservative evangelical organization. "I think people want a sense of where someone stands in their relationship with the Lord. I think George Bush was able to do that in the way he communicated, using terms that evangelicals are familiar with."
Is that really what the American people want in their elected officials? How about some competence for a change?

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