June 9, 2007

Democratic Candidates Trade Rationality for Votes

In a disturbing but not exactly surprising move, Democratic candidates for president in 2008 are stumbling over one another to proclaim their faith. Even if our Constitution prohibits religious tests for office, the American voters have made it abundantly clear that they will not elect freethinkers to the highest office. Candidates, regardless of their actual beliefs, must feel that they have little choice but to resort to this ludicrous public show of faith.

According to Reuters, the unwillingness of American voters to elect a nonbeliever as president distinguishes us from most other developed countries. What a distinction! Instead of being known for our secular democracy, we are starting to be known for our Christian extremism and all it entails (e.g., anti-evolution stance, opposition to stem cell research, imperialistic foreign policy, etc.)
"This is basically a very religious nation, people have very intense feelings here about religion," said Carroll Doherty, associate director at the Pew Research Center.
Of course this is precisely why the Democrats find it necessary to promote their willingness to believe things that are completely lacking in evidence. Clinton, Obama, and Edwards, the three front runners, are very interested in attracting the "Religious Left." The rapidly growing secular community is not on their radar at all, probably because they are confident that they will receive our votes without effort.

I want to tune out of the election coverage for awhile because all the faith-related crap is starting to make me feel a little sick. I am so tired of hearing candidates talk about how their faith informs their decision-making because statements like that scare the hell out of me. At the same time, I'd drawn to it like a moth to the flame.

Is this really what it is coming to - the Democratic Party wallowing in religious delusion to seduce voters? Can any sane person argue that more religion is what America needs?

For more on this important topic, see Bligbi and Religious Right Watch.

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