June 11, 2007

Calling Out American Atheists: Why Not Join the Secular Coalition?

As you may recall, I e-mailed American Atheists using the address provided on their website on May 28th. My question for them was simple. I wanted to know why they have still not joined the Secular Coalition of America when virtually every other national freethought organization has done so. I have still not received a response of any kind. Because I still believe this is an important question, I now ask for your help.

According to their website, American Atheists gives the requests of their members higher priority over those from non-members. If you are a member of American Atheists, please e-mail them with your version of the following:
American Atheists seems to be the only national freethought organization which has not joined the Secular Coalition for America. I am interested in helping to foster an atheist movement, and the Secular Coalition seems like a great way to increase our political power and make sure that our growing numbers are represented. Please help me understand your reasons for not becoming a Secular Coalition member.
In fact, even if you are not a member, I think your e-mail would help. I realize that there is no guarantee that they will respond to any of us. However, they might be more likely to do so if they realized that this was important to current and potential members. Personally, a continued lack of response would tell me that this would be an organization to avoid.

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