June 16, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Blames "Secular Progressives" for TB Scare

This bizarre story in which Fox windbag Bill O'Reilly blamed "secular progressives" for the recent TB scare came to my attention via The Carpetbagger Report and Media Matters for America. Essentially, O'Reilly is claiming that "secular progressives" are more selfish and immoral than far Right Christians.

According to O’Reilly,
“Traditional values people put others on a par with themselves. That’s the Judeo-Christian tenet. Love your neighbor as yourself. Secular Progressives put themselves above all others. That philosophy says “Me first, then I’ll worry about you.”
He then claims that Andrew Speaker "put his own welfare above everything and everybody else." And he goes on and on, spewing more lies about "secular progressives."

Since I am an atheist who embraces much of the progressive platform, I suppose that must make me a "secular progressive." And yet, I don't think I'm particularly selfish. For example, I don't generally go around telling people that they are going to hell because they don't agree with me. I don't want to prohibit women from obtaining medical care or convince them that they must stay home and have as many children as possible. It would never occur to me to "...tell children to use drugs, to have indiscriminate sex, do what you want when you're 14 years old..." like O'Reilly alleges. I'm also not a supporter of "out-of-wedlock births," although I do recognize that they are going to happen whether I approve of them or not. I could go on, but I trust that you get the idea.

If O'Reilly wants to discuss progressive freethinkers, he might want to at least make some effort to understand us first. Of course, that assumes that he is capable of not yelling long enough to hear what someone else is saying. Alternatively, if he wants to serve as a bile-spewing monster of hatred, ignorance, and bigotry, well I guess he can just keep doing what he's doing.

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