June 14, 2007

Ask the Atheists

I'd like to tell you about an interesting new website called AsktheAtheists.com. The idea is that anyone can contribute questions which are then distributed to various atheist authors, bloggers, etc. who answer them. While responses often converge to a degree, they also show that there is diversity among atheists. I recommend this site for theists with questions, others curious about atheism, and atheists who are curious to see how others might answer questions they have received. And yes, I will be one of the those attempting to answer some of the questions.

From the website:
The point is to provide a place where people who are interested can find out about atheism and atheists.

Even so, there is undeniably a hope amongst the people contributing to the site that it will in some way help to spread the type of world-view that includes atheism. And as such it might seem like a useless example of ‘Preaching to the Choir’. But that metaphor isn't completely accurate.

Every publicly available article, website, and discussion has a small but real influence on our discourse. People do change their minds. I believe that simply by being available this site advances the cause for reason in a modest way.
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