June 4, 2007

Action Alert: Let Bush Hear From You About Stem Cell Research

From the Secular Coalition for America:
Urge President Bush to sign stem cell bill

The U.S. House of Representatives plans to vote on the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act (S.5) this week. It may seem that we’ve already had numerous votes, but this one asks the House to accept the slightly changed Senate version. (It adds a statement that the National Institutes of Health can also continue doing research which is currently allowed. This would obviously be the case even if that language were not added.)

Unfortunately, despite the changes brought about by last year’s election and the bipartisan support this bill is receiving, it looks extremely unlikely that we will get a veto-proof majority on this issue in the House, so we are now shifting our focus to the President. We hope that every American who cares about the ability of the NIH to use the best materials possible in their research will ask President Bush not to veto the bill.

We recognize that the chances of changing the President’s mind on this legislation are remote. Nonetheless, we still believe that he must hear from a broad cross-section of Americans regarding this important issue.

Please send a message to the White House, asking the President NOT to veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act when it gets to his desk.
You can send Bush an e-mail here with minimal effort. Here is what I just sent:
Please do not veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. Expanding stem cell research holds great promise and will allow the National Institutes of Health to develop potentially life-saving discoveries.

You have a duty to represent all Americans and not simply those who share your religious beliefs. I have great respect for your right to believe differently than I do, but I expect that you will not allow your religious beliefs to affect medical research.

In considering the legacy you will leave, I encourage you to listen to the majority of Americans and the bipartisan majority in both houses of Congress. Leave a legacy of supporting this important research rather than one of pandering to Christian extremists. Please do not veto the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.
Edit: I just realized that this is post #777. I think this means that all Christians are obligated to contact Bush and ask him not to veto the stem cell bill. With such a "holy" number, I don't think they have a choice.