May 6, 2007

Three GOP Presidential Candidates Reject Evolution

I seem to be in a minority here in the United States, and not just because I am an atheist. I seem to be in a minority of people who wants a president to be much smarter than I am. I find this far more important than whether I'd like to have a beer with the person. George W. Bush has been an embarrassment to America, and I hope that the next president can restore some semblance of intelligence to the office. Of course, this will rule out three of the current Republican candidates because they reported during their first debate that they do not believe in evolution.

Those of you who do not live in the bible belt may have a hard time understanding how anyone in this day and age could disbelieve evolution, but it does not surprise those of us who live here. Still, I admit that my first reaction upon hearing that 3 of the 10 Republican candidates do not believe in evolution was one of surprise. It isn't that I'm surprised to hear that Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, and Mike Huckabee deny evolution. I don't know much about Tancredo, but I know that Huckabee is a Baptist, and I am familiar with Brownback's reputation as a Christian extremist. My surprise came from the poor judgment these men demonstrated to disclose their idiocy during the debate for all to see.

But I don't suppose it was poor judgment after all. My surprise did not last long once I remembered that Bush himself doubts evolution and that the United States is right there with Turkey on the list of countries with the highest proportion of the population doubting evolution. Given these facts, I should not be surprised that some Republicans want to make this a campaign issue. An impressive number of Americans share their delusion and will probably take rejection of evolution as a sign of Christian faith.

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