May 5, 2007

Pro-Life Atheists and Unwarranted Inferences

Most Americans associate the pro-life movement with conservative Christianity, but the two may be separable. Are there atheists opposed to abortion who would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned and who have non-religious grounds for their position? If so, what are there grounds?

I think these are interesting questions in their own right, however, I would guess that finding honest answers to them might not be the goal of Tim's blog post. No, I suspect that what Tim is trying to do is suggest that I made an unwarranted inference by assuming that the individual I described in a recent post must be Christian.

The thing is, even if we discover that there are hordes of atheists who oppose a woman's right to choose, that does not necessarily mean that my inference was unwarranted. When we hear of someone in America attempting to bomb a health clinic, Operation Rescue immediately springs to mind, as do the Christian extremists who advocate violence against physicians who work in women's health clinics. Should other groups instead come to mind? Based on statistical probabilities and past experience, this seems unlikely. Of course, I will change my opinion if we suddenly have a rash of atheists bombing women's health clinics.

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