May 31, 2007

New Blog: The Blue Linchpin

I'd like to introduce you to The Blue Linchpin, a new blog written by a startlingly bright 16 year-old atheist. She writes about politics, morality, Christian intolerance, and other relevant subjects. Sadly, the real tragedy is that her time with us may be cut short. In her first post, she writes,
I'm slowly dying of cancer (I'm estimated to have a year at the least), and because of that, I'm going to post my political ramblings because, hey, I've been interested in the world ever since I was a kid, and I've always enjoyed writing to no one.
Since reading about her on A Load of Bright, I've been visiting her regularly. She's open-minded, inquisitive, articulate, and a joy to read. I was such a tool at 16 that it is refreshing to learn what one can be capable of at that age. Check her out, and contribute some comments. I think she'd appreciate hearing from you.

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