May 28, 2007

My E-Mail to American Atheists

I know they are incredibly busy, and their website cautions that they do not have time to respond to every e-mail they receive (especially those sent by non-members). Still, I hope the folks at American Atheists will respond to the e-mail I sent this morning. I have posted about this previously and left comments at NoGodBlog (which is supported by American Atheists), but I still have not received a clear response.

Here is the full text of my e-mail to American Atheists:
I would like to better understand why American Atheists seems to be the only national freethought organization who has not joined the Secular Coalition for America. As one of a growing number of atheist bloggers, I am very interested in helping to foster an atheist movement. The Secular Coalition seems like a great way to increase our political power and insure that our growing numbers are represented. I have held off on joining American Atheists or recommending your organization to my readers because of your conspicuous absence on the list of Secular Coalition members. However, I would like to be able to support you. Please help me understand your reasons for not becoming a coalition member so that I may share them with my readers.

Thank you.

Atheist Revolution
There is strength in numbers, and I think this is the real benefit of umbrella organizations such as the Secular Coalition for America. The more freethought organizations that support the coalition, the more constituents they can boast. As our numbers increase, it will be increasingly difficult for politicians to ignore them.

I have not ruled out the possibility that American Atheists may have legitimate reasons for not joining the Coalition. I would simply like to know their reasons for not wanting their organization listed alongside the other Coalition supporters. I will share any response I receive with you.

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