May 26, 2007

Democratic Party Should Be Ashamed

I have voted for Democratic candidates for most of my adult life. I agree with much of the progressive platform (to which some Democrats still pay lip service), and whether I like it or not, the Democratic Party has been the only viable alternative to the Republican Party since my 18th birthday. That said, I am extremely disappointed and angry with the current crop of Democrats in Congress. By caving into Bush's war funding with no strings attached, this is now their war too.

I do not buy the rhetoric that this funding bill was merely a "temporary setback in their efforts to bring home American troops." This is spin to conceal a failure by many within the Democratic Party. Those who voted for this bill are not worthy of our support for they have betrayed the voters who elected them.

As I understand it, the Democrats caved on Bush's war funding because they thought that voting to end the war by cutting off funding would be a political liability in the 2008 elections. In other words, they chose their own political futures over the will of the American people who put them in office partially if not primarily to end this unjust war.

They may argue that they can do far more good within the system and that preserving the political power of their party will better serve America in the long run. They might even be right. However, I am convinced that ending this war is worth taking a difficult stand. If the Democrats are not willing to stand on principle, to represent the will of the people who elected them, and to hold a corrupt administration accountable, I am not sure why the average voter should continue to support them.

It is time to get out of Iraq. Americans continue to die for a war into which the American people were deliberately misled by an administration which has still not been held accountable. A majority of Iraqis want us out of their country. Public support for the war is at an all-time low and continues to erode. And yet the party elected to stop this war refuses to do so.

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