May 17, 2007

Bush on Falwell

According to Christian Newswire, President Bush had the following to say about the death of Jerry Falwell:
Laura and I are deeply saddened by the death of Jerry Falwell, a man who cherished faith, family, and freedom. As the founder of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, Jerry lived a life of faith and called upon men and women of all backgrounds to believe in God and serve their communities. One of his lasting contributions was the establishment of Liberty University, where he taught young people to remain true to their convictions and rely upon God’s word throughout each stage of their lives.
Falwell "cherished faith, family, and freedom," did he? I'm not so sure about family or freedom. He certainly didn't seem to think too highly of women or homosexuals. I clearly valued his own freedom to spread hatred, but I'm not sure if that is particularly praiseworthy. It sounds like we are supposed to applaud him, regardless of what he did or said, because he cloaked himself in the garb of faith. I'm with Christopher Hitchens on this one.

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