April 3, 2007

U.N. Adopts Resolution Against Religious Defamation

Faith is anything but easy. Considerable energy must be invested in maintaining the delusion of faith in the face of vast evidence contradicting the claims made by religions about the natural world. The favored tactic of the faithful is to suspend critical thinking and shelter their children from meaningful criticism of their superstitious beliefs. They preach that certain questions should be off limits and that even entertaining certain ideas is damnable. With the approval of a new resolution by the U.N. Rights Council, it should be even easier for believers to avoid reason.

According to this report, the U.N. Rights Council just adopted a resolution calling for a global prohibition on public "religious defamation" at the request of several Muslim countries. Evidently, the the publication of cartoons by a Danish newspaper was too traumatic for their fragile faith to tolerate.

Even if it was possible to reconcile this with free speech (it isn't), this seems to be exactly the opposite of what is needed. We need more criticism of religion if we are to overcome this virus of the human mind. If you believe something absurd without a shred of evidence, willfully ignore contradictory evidence, and then attempt to impose such nonsense on others, you should be ridiculed, mocked, criticized, etc.

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