April 6, 2007

Pity the Poor Persecuted Christians

Think complaints about their persecution are simply further evidence of Christians' shared mental disorder? Think again. Persecution is real, and we have a compelling example hot off the presses - well, actually it is from Christian Newswire. The headline reads, "Christian Group Ordered to Stop Praying on a Washington, D.C. Public Sidewalk by Federal Law Enforcement Officials." When you learn of this atrocity, you'll surely pity these poor Christians as much as I do.

According to Christian Newswire, rapidly becoming my favorite source for gaining insight into the disturbed Christian mind, an organization called the Christian Defense Coalition sponsored a public celebration of their religion in which participants were kneeling in prayer on the sidewalk in front of the Library of Congress. Evidently, they were asked to leave the sidewalk by law enforcement officials.
"The Coalition calls the incident a trampling of the First Amendment and a gross violation of protecting religious expression in the public square."
This is a travesty! Why would these evil government officials seek to deprive these poor Christians of their right to express their religion in public? The horror of it all!

Wait a second. They are upset because they were discouraged from expressing their religious beliefs in public. Is this really what the controversy is about? Nobody is challenging the beliefs of these Christians. Nobody is telling them that they cannot practice their religion in the privacy of their own homes and churches. Doesn't the Christian bible actually discourage public displays of religion? Are they really upset because they can't flaunt their idiocy in public?

According to Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, this is exactly the source of their frustration.
"It is extremely troubling when American citizens are told by federal law enforcement officials that they are not allowed to pray on a public sidewalk and they must 'move along' or face the consequences."
Really? It is "extremely troubling" not to be able to kneel in prayer on a public sidewalk? Just when I think these Christians can't get any stranger...