April 12, 2007

Know Them By Their Deeds: Baptist Pastor Molests Boy

In this sordid but all too familiar report out of North Carolina, Todd Brock, a 42-year-old High Point pastor, was arrested on multiple felony charges. He is being accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy who sought his help in dealing with the death of a friend due to cancer. The distressed youth allegedly sought the pastor's help for "spiritual guidance," and...well...you've heard similar reports enough to know what happened next. This pastor is accused of doing things that would have made Ted Haggard proud, including bondage, anal, oral, and shooting a porno.

According to Tabernacle Baptist Church, where Brock was employed for 17 years, he had no prior criminal record. In 17 years, it seems hard to believe that this was his first offense. I can't help wondering who else this pastor might have victimized during his tenure. Sick.