April 9, 2007

Fired For Refusing Church

Christians seem to have such a difficult time understanding what it is like to live as an atheist in such an overwhelmingly Christianized culture. Rather than try to imagine what their own experience would be like if they were to live in a Muslim country as one of a handful of Christians, many prefer to call us evil and dismiss us outright. If we'd just conform to their shared delusion, we'd be accepted. Perhaps we'd even be allowed to keep our jobs.

According to this story out of Arkansas, a plumbing company apprentice (who we have no reason to believe is an atheist) is suing his former employer, claiming that he was fired for not going to church. As if that wasn't troubling enough, it seems that the fired plumber was accused of being a drug user, told he could not clear himself through a drug test, and was instead ordered by his employer to attend one of two specific evangelical churches.

Christians, what do you think about this? How would you feel if you were ordered to stop going to your current church and go to a different one that was very different from your own. I'm guessing you wouldn't like it one bit. Is it so hard to understand why non-believers have no interest in your proselytizing?

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