March 25, 2007

I Support This Religious Nut

This is not something I've heard myself saying very often, but I found a case where I actually support a Christian who wishes to broadcast his religious idiocy. Yep, you read that correctly. I agree with a Christian that he should be able to promote his superstition as he wishes. I still think he's a nut for wanting to do so, but I support his legal right to do so.

According to ReligionNewsBlog, a Vermont man wanted to obtain a vanity license plate referencing a passage from the Christian bible, John 3:16. His first two requests (JOHN316 and JN316) were denied by the Department of Motor Vehicles on the grounds that they violated the law mandating that there could only be two numbers on any plate. However, his third request (JN36TN) was denied on the grounds that "it conflicts with agency rules forbidding motorists to express religious viewpoints on license plates."

This is wrong. Just as the state can make no law promoting religion, it should not be able to prohibit religious expression. This case is now before a federal judge as a free speech issue. I hope this Christian prevails. He should be able to have his bible quote.

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