February 19, 2007

Kudos to Kansas: Science Returns to Science Class

After much high-profile controversy over whether to teach religious nonsense alongside actual science in science classrooms, Kansas has approved evolution as part of their science standards. Not only is this a temporary defeat for creationists, but it represents a much needed recognition that science should be...well...scientific.
"The board on Tuesday removed language suggesting that key evolutionary concepts — such as a common origin for all life on Earth and change in species creating new ones — were controversial and being challenged by new research. Also approved was a new definition of science, specifically limiting it to the search for natural explanations of what is observed in the universe."
This is only the latest in a long series of defeats creationists have suffered, but they are not going away anytime soon. Recognizing that science education poses a significant threat to their efforts to perpetuate their superstition, they are unlikely to abandon efforts to control the educational curriculum.
"The Board of Education’s swing back wasn’t likely to settle the issue, given many Kansans’ religious objections and other misgivings about evolution."
Religious objections to science, huh? Really? So, you'd prefer to deprive America's children from the opportunity to learn the foundation of modern biology by filling their heads with misinformation and false controversy? Does it not bother you at all that this will continue to jeopardize America's ability to compete with the rest of the world? Are you really okay with giving up a leadership role in what could well be the future of medicine?

And you want to know why atheists are angry!

Hat tip to DefCon Blog.

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