February 15, 2007

Know Them By Their Deeds: Priest Assaults Parish Worker

According to an AP report in the Union-Tribune (San Diego), a Catholic priest has been arrested in Arizona on suspicion of sexually assaulting a Vegas parish worker. The priest is wanted in Las Vegas for "attempted murder, sexual assault, kidnapping and battery with a deadly weapon." I wonder how many hail-Marys that will require?
The woman told Las Vegas police that she was sitting at her desk when Chaanine broke a full bottle of wine over her head, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down a hall toward his office.

She fought back, lost consciousness, and awoke with Chaanine groping her, according to the police report. She continued fighting until Chaanine straddled her and grabbed her throat. She told detectives she began to pray for her life before the attack suddenly stopped.
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