January 13, 2007

Pruning the Blogroll

The explosion in the number of atheist blogs has been reflected in my ever-growing Blogroll. It is important to me to make sure that the blogs I recommend here really are worth recommending. I suppose this is the main reason I maintain my own Blogroll in addition to recommending the official Atheist Blogroll to which I also link.

This has led me to establish some criteria for periodic pruning. First, I will no longer recommend inactive blogs, defined as those which do not make at least one new post per month. If you end up being removed for this reason, contact me once you resume activity, and I'd be happy to add you again. Second, I will recommend a very limited number of blogs that are not primarily focused on atheism/freethought, religion, atheist-relevant activism, and similar topics. I'm not going to exclude all off-topic blogs, but I will be much more selective here. Third, I will no longer recommend blogs that I do not personally read on a regular basis. After all, I want my recommendations to reflect quality that will be useful to my readers. Finally, I discovered a couple of links in my Blogroll were not actually blogs, so I moved them to the list of atheist resources on the left side of this page.