January 30, 2007

More on the Parental Licensure and Related Topics

My recent posts on parental licensure and child abuse generated quite a bit of interest, so I thought I'd draw your attention to a couple of related posts on other blogs.

First up, Spreading Mayonnaise has a good post disagreeing with me and making a case against parental licensure. I offered a brief response in the comments on the Spreading Mayonnaise blog, but I also want to acknowledge that there are serious problems with attempts to implement any sort of enforceable parental licensure system. My thoughts on this matter are far from being fully formed, however, I do believe that some sort of parental licensure system is an option that at least merits consideration.

I cannot help making one additional observation on this subject. I find it interesting that the focus on creating any sort of parental licensure system (protecting children) is almost immediately transformed into one of interfering with parental rights and punishing parents. It is almost as if people are more concerned with the right to parent any way they want than with the welfare of the children. I suppose that it is an inevitable consequences of viewing children as one's property or possessions.

Next, Friendly Atheist has an interview with Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion. I thought this sounded like a fascinating book for atheist parents or those atheists planning to have children. Best of all, Friendly Atheist offers to relay any questions you might have to the book's author.

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