December 17, 2006

Edwards Enters 2008 Presidential Race

I am happy to hear that John Edwards is poised to enter the 2008 Presidential race. During the 2004 campaign, I found him to be quite a bit more charismatic than Kerry but clearly less experienced. At the time, I remember thinking that he could be a viable candidate in a few more years. Now I think he just might be what the Democrats need to put up a fight in '08.

I have said before that I believe Hillary Clinton is simply too divisive. I fear that she would rally the conservative base like nothing we've seen this side of gay marriage. Many of them would need no more reason to oppose her than her gender. As if that weren't bad enough, I'm not sure her support among Democrats is going to be that strong. Should she run against a moderate Republican, I'd give her little chance of success.

The other name heard a great deal lately is Obama. While I like what I've seen from him so far, I fear that his inexperience would be an issue. He might make a good choice as a VP, but I'm just not sure he has enough of a record yet for '08.

With Edwards, one gets name recognition, charisma, fundraising ability, a sense of humor, a political record, and a clear commitment to progressive values. I think what I like most about Edwards is how active he's been lately toward actually doing something about poverty. It seems like he really believes in what he's doing, and that is refreshingly rare in politics.

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