November 12, 2006

Eulogy for BOTD

I was sad to learn that one of my favorite atheist blogs, Beware of the Dogma (BOTD) is calling it quits after a distinguished blogging career. This is an important loss to the atheist blogosphere because BOTD could always be counted on for thought-provoking posts. But more than that, BOTD has influenced me in countless ways, providing me with many examples from which to learn. In fact, the last full redesign of Atheist Revolution was inspired by BOTD, and I modeled some parts of the current template on BOTD's layout.

Although BOTD's departure is clearly a loss for us, the decision to hang it up is understandable. Blogging is hard work, but quality blogging is more than that. It takes considerable time, regular inspiration, and sacrifice. I can't count the number of times I've seriously considered quitting the blogging routine, so I understand what BOTD said about working 12+ hours a day and not feeling like blogging in the tiny bit of free time one has. The good news is that the person behind BOTD is not going anywhere, remains a freethinker, and will probably continue to visit some of our blogs.

BOTD, thank you for your presence, your influence, the words of wisdom you have offered, and the many instructive examples you have provided. Your blog was a class act, one of my main sources of inspiration. BOTD will be missed.

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