November 7, 2006

Clinton Blames Christian Extremists for Dividing the Nation

I ran across this article out of Des Moines a few weeks ago and have meant to post it ever since. With the midterm elections, it seems particularly relevant. In a recent speech before Iowa's Democratic Party, Bill Clinton placed blame for a divided America where it belongs - on the Christian extremist wing of the Republican Party.

Clinton is right in noting that the core Republican political strategy has been to manufacture a culture war by focusing on divisive but rather trivial issues such as gay marriage. He's also right about the holier than thou attitude coming from the Christian right.

America has been divided before and has managed to survive. I expect we will again find a way to move beyond our differences and unite. However, this is going to require a fairly major shift in the Republican Party. Still, I remain optimistic that Clinton may be wrong about Democrats having to do it alone. There are rational elements within the Republican Party who are growing increasingly tired of the Christian extremists.

What Clinton is wrong about, however, is that Hillary Clinton is who should represent the Democratic Party in 2008. Hillary is way too divisive to ever be elected. I don't mean divisive in the sense that Republicans will rally around opposing her; I mean divisive within the Democratic party. We need a uniter, and Hillary is not it.

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