October 22, 2006

Teens Say "No Thanks" to Christ

Time for some good news around here. According to The Scotsman, evangelical churches in the United States are starting to worry about a drop in their numbers as American teens increasingly reject faith. Let me say that again and enjoy the big smile spreading across my face right now. American teenagers are increasingly coming to their senses and rejecting the superstitious nonsense that plagues our society.

According to the article, "...Christian leaders believe their younger flock is being led astray by a combination of cynicism about religion, the influence of rock and rap music and casual attitudes to sex among the MTV generation." Yep, gotta be that damn rap music. It couldn't possibly be that our youth prefer reality to myth, could it?

You know, I think I'll end this post now and go out and enjoy the day. Something tells me that this smile will stick around for awhile.

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