October 8, 2006

Domestic Violence and the Bible

I'm getting ready to address domestic violence in a class I teach soon, and I'm already starting to get nervous. Why? Because this topic almost inevitably brings me to criticize the Christian bible. As much as I go out of my way to be PC at work (while detesting it constantly), a student will almost always raise the question of why men think it is acceptable to treat women as subservient. I go through all the explanations that don't directly involve religion, but I do feel obligated to point out that many perpetrators will refer to the Christian bible as an authoritative source of justification for their beliefs and actions.

Naturally, this ruffles many feathers here in conservative Jee-zuhs land. Then again tenure and academic freedom have to stand for something, don't they? I am going to be as respectful as I can, but I think I would be doing the students a disservice to ignore this. Besides, teaching is supposed to be about expanding the mind rather than reinforcing ancient superstition.