September 1, 2006

Young Aussies Embrace Secular Humanism

With America remaining in the grasp of Christian extremists for the foreseeable future, it important to remember that this is not a worldwide trend. As this article in the Sydney Morning Herald shows, Australian youth are increasingly rejecting theism and embracing secular humanism. In fact, less than half belief in any sort of god.

I'm not familiar enough with Australia to attempt to explain this encouraging trend, but I can't help wondering what are they doing right that we can't seem to pull off in America. Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Foundation, is quoted as saying,
"Increasing numbers of people are looking for the intellectual content in religion. If they find intellectual flaws in it, obviously they start to look at it as superstitious and ancient stories rather than being something of divine origin."

Obviously. Could it be that they are teaching their children to question authority, value reality, utilize skepticism, or other ways to think critically? What a revolutionary idea!

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