September 16, 2006

iTunes 7 Audio Distortion: A Partial Fix

When I am using my home computer, iTunes is almost always running. I've never had a problem updating to the latest version until iTunes 7 was released. Now, I have to recommend that iTunes users avoid installing version 7 until Apple comes out with a fix for the many bugs being reported.

Upon installing iTunes 7, audio playback was garbled, full of static, and unacceptably poor. I found a partial fix, but it is only that. If you run into this audio quality problem, right-click on the QuickTime icon in your taskbar and select QuickTime preferences. Click the audio tab and check the safe mode box. This turned constant playback problems into episodic problems. In other words, I can now use iTunes to play several songs before the audio problems return. When they do, I find that simply stopping the song and then hitting play again sometimes helps.

Before changing the QuickTime preferences to safe mode, iTunes was unusable. It is mostly tolerable now, however, I am still hoping that Apple will fix the bugs soon.

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