September 3, 2006

Evangelist Pastor Drowns While Trying to Walk on Water

According to WorldNetDaily, an evangelical pastor told his congregation that he could repeat the alleged miracle of Jesus by walking on water. Before you dismiss this as an outrageous claim or even blasphemy, consider that the pastor based his claim on a revelation. The outcome? He drowned.

I do not blame the pastor for attempting this act. After all, he had a revelation. Many Christians will tell you that their entire faith is based on personal revelation. What I do blame him for is not being smart enough to realize that he wasn't walking on water until it was over his head, causing him to drown. When the annual Darwin awards come out, I think this pastor should be remembered.

The Christian response will almost certainly be something along the lines of how the pastor's faith was insufficiently strong, how he offended god with his pride, or some similar nonsense. If more evangelicals would put their faith to the test in this manner, I suspect there would be far fewer evangelicals. Far be it for me to stand in their way.

Postscript: Too harsh? Maybe. Ordinarily, mental health professionals would be compelled to try to prevent people from harming themselves. However, this would involve diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Since Christians have made sure that their religious delusions are off limits to the mental health profession, they have effectively tied our hands and assured that we will not be permitted to help them.

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