September 24, 2006

Christian Terrorist Attack in Iowa Ignored By Media

With America's attention focused on Bush's "Islamofascists," it should not be surprising that a despicable act of domestic Christian terrorism in Iowa went largely unnoticed by the media. If it wasn't for ReligiousRightWatch, I certainly would have missed it.

Christian terrorist David McMenemy filled the inside of his car with gasoline and crashed into an Iowa women's health clinic. Why? He opposes a particular medical procedure which he thought was being performed at this clinic (he was wrong about this) and evidently believes that he is entitled to harm others in order to get his view across. Fortunately, his attempted suicide-bombing failed.

Our focus on the Middle East is understandable. Our troops are dying over there in an unjust war while the Bush administration skillfully manipulates the media to shield us from the realization of the growing American body count. We are manipulated with various terror alerts, but we remain largely oblivious to domestic terrorism. Through 9/11, some of the lessons of Oklahoma City have been lost. It is worth pausing to consider that we have small numbers of Christian terrorists already in our country who mean to do us harm.

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