August 21, 2006

Using Daily Kos Diaries for Blog Promotion

We bloggers have a myriad of reasons for beginning and maintaining our blogs, however, almost all of us share the desire for increased readership. As I have noted previously, atheist-oriented blogs may have some natural limits to their growth due to our focus on a rather unpopular idea. Of course, there is still considerable room for expanding readership within these limits, and this brings me back to the topic of blog promotion.

I assume that you are at least somewhat familiar with Daily Kos, commonly rated as one of the three most frequently visited blogs in the world. If you've spent any time on Kos, you've probably noticed that readers can contribute diaries. Diary posts are limited to 1/day but otherwise operate much like the blogs with which you are familiar. Other readers can comment on diaries and even recommend them. Those that receive the highest recommendations get more attention on the main Kos page. Best of all, Kos permits cross-posting between a reader's blog and their diary. Thus, I could enter the post you are reading now into my Kos diary.

I signed up with Kos and started a diary, entering a couple of my Katrina diary posts. This gave me an opportunity to see how the diary and comment system worked. On Sunday I posted my first atheist-oriented entry to my diary, my recent post on defining atheism.

My intention in doing this is both to promote Atheist Revolution and to spread the meme of atheism into the wider consciousness of the blogosphere. The more people encounter the meme, the more likely they will be to think about it, consider the implications for their own worldview, and perhaps experience some attitude shift. Is this plan to use the Daily Kos diaries in this way going to work? I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can check out my diary entry and see whatever interest it generates here.

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