August 28, 2006

Stories You Might Have Missed

Time for me to have a go with one of these quick-link style of posts. In this one, I'm digging through my collection of stories I had planned to post on but never quite got around to doing so. These were too interesting to ignore any longer, so here are a few worth checking out:
  • In this letter from the Berkeley Daily Planet, Jacqueline Sokolinsky calls on believers to abandon their religious texts and embrace the positive aspects of religion. While I don't agree with her need to preserve religion, this does appear to be a step in the right direction. I'd be interested to know what Christians think about this letter.
  • Atheist summer camp? According to this article in Cincinnati's The Enquirer, such a camp actually exists (unlike supernatural beings). It is nice to see that atheist parents have an option.
  • Remember Harriet Miers? I'm going back a ways for this one, but there was an excellent article in the San Antonio Current which recognized that there now appears to be the very sort of religious litmus test for Supreme Court appointments that the Constitution explicitly prohibits. Warning: Reading this article will almost certainly enrage you.